It's not often that I photograph high school senior guys, but I always welcome the challenge.  Mason was a great sport and knew what to expect since I had photographed both of his older sisters during their senior years of high school. 

We created a signature album with his photographs and below are a few sample pages.  I can't wait to share the wall collage that we created as well. 



Hey, Class of 2019 - I am looking for High School Senior Model Reps!  If you are interested click here to complete the application! 

Personal Branding Headshots with Michael

One of the new divisions of AKP that will be launching in 2018 will be Personal Branding Photo Shoots.  Adding this new extension to the work that I already do felt like a natural fit to the style of work that I've already been offering.  

A dear friend of mine and local freelance graphic designer came in to my studio a few weeks ago and I love the series of images that we created.  We opted for several wardrobe changes and I love the combinations we came up with.  

michaeldouglas_2_amandakraftphotography copy.jpg

My January 2018 calendar is starting to book for personalized branding photos and I'd love to invite you into the studio for an updated headshot session with me.  


Personalized branding portraits have become an incredibly powerful way to showcase who you are and what you do, especially in the online world.  Professional branding portraits can elevate the look and feel of your business in a way that showcases your personality, style, and the work that you create/do.  


Three different personalized branding photo shoots allow you to choose from standard in-studio headshots, environmental portraits (portraits of you in your working environment), product photography or a combination of all three.  For clients looking to further their experience, we can discuss a destination photo shoot or even being on hand to document a retreat you are planning and incorporate a mini headshot photo shoot for your attendees.  



A Lularoe consultant looking to showcase her styling skills and personality, a health coach who is looking to stand out from the crowd and show their coaching style through photography along with a collection of recipes to be used on her blog or within a cookbook, an actor or dancer in need of updated headshots for their agency, or a business owner who is looking for an updated look beyond a typical blue background.  Branding photo shoots are perfect for anyone looking to update their website and / or marketing materials with imagery that highlights who you are and what you do! 

In the studio with Jill

This is my first full photo shoot in the new studio and to say that I am in love is an understatement. While it's a completely different environment with it's own unique challenges, I am excited to see how my portfolio will evolve over the coming weeks and month.

Jill kindly agreed to be apart of my model search and I am so thrilled that she was willing to come in for a mini photo shoot with me.  I've gotten to know her over the years since photographing her daughter's senior portraits and also following her on social media.  

I enjoyed spending my morning with her and chatting like two old girlfriends. 


These are my two favorites from her photo shoot.  I love Jill's contagious smile and her absolute confidence that she radiates!  


Jill, from the bottom of my heart - thank you for being apart of this journey! 


A note from Jill:

You and Nichole are sorceresses! I am in love with the minimal, dramatic simplicity of your photos in the new studio. My mom was right, she dressed me in royal blue as a kid, and it is my color. The older I get, the more I appreciate my mother's wisdom. 

Thank you for making me look beautiful - it's not the beauty of my 20's, but guess what, the beauty acquired from experience shines brighter with the enhancements of knowledge and confidence. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!






Social Media Overlays for Wellness Coaches

Social Media Overlays for Wellness Coaches

Turn your social media imagery into an eye-catching post begging to be shared with health and wellness inspired script font overlays.

Included in this freebie bundle of 9- are prompts to direct your followers to new blog posts, recipes, wellness tips and more.

Each png file is ready to use with editing software of choice and be combined with any photograph in your library. With a collection of 9 overlays to work with, you will be able to create new social media imagery in seconds.

Using overlays will help you create a cohesive well-branded look that your followers will come to recognize!




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Food Photography

Food Photography

So much of the work that I do is focused on women's portraiture that I rarely share my love for food photography.  Food photography or should I say the entire commercial photography world (product, fashion, and architectural) was introduced to me during my time at Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.  Of course, I loved fashion photography; planning out wardrobe, location, models, hair & makeup, but food photography holds a special place in my heart. 

I can't quite express the feelings I have when I am in the kitchen creating a new recipe and bring the recipe to life through a photograph. It's almost therapeutic and recharges me creatively.   



Plus, I am a self proclaimed foodie who has challenged herself to eat foods that nourish the body and soul with whole food ingredients and limited packaged and processed foods.   For those of you might not know this, I actually attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013 to learn more about the world of health and wellness. 

Oh, and yes... I do photograph food for restaurants, food bloggers, health coaches, and cookbook developers - send me an email if you want to chat in greater detail about your project.