Before you read this post I feel the need state a major disclaimer. I am not sharing this because I feel that any of my photo clients need to work with a coach or trainer prior to their photo shoot. I’m sharing this because so many women have shared how uncomfortable they feel when a camera is pointed in their direction and are tired of standing in the back row or using an oversized purse or a kid to camouflage themselves.

I am sharing this in the event I can help one person than I know I’ve posted this for the right reasons.


Many of you already know my story, I was 60+ pounds heavier just a little over 5 years ago, I had a meltdown on the floor of my closet with nothing to wear and I didn't want to exist in photos.

In fact, it took me FOREVER to embrace our wedding photos because I was so unhappy with who I was at that time in my life. I was overweight, overworked, and simply not in a good place with my self image or self love.

Through my own journey of weight loss and self-discovery, I began to share my struggles and through a lot of encouragement, I decided to pursue a year long certification at IIN for holistic health coaching to soak up as much wellness and nutrition information as I could.  

Hands down, during almost every photo shoot the conversation organically turns to poor self-image, weight gain, or guilt and shame come to the surface. I can't begin to count how many times I've heard...

"I'd love to do a photo shoot when I ......."

"Can you photoshop my arm"

"I hate ....... about myself".

It breaks my heart because we live in a world that is so photoshopped and over processed that we hop from one fad diet or workout to the next leaving a trail of lackluster results behind us and feeling worse about ourselves than when we "attempted to start".

Or if we have body confidence we feel shame or embarrassment for actually embracing what we do love about ourselves for fear of being cocky or conceited.

As I began designing my signature coaching program I wanted to incorporate "before and after" photos into the program. Not because I wanted to show a glossy photoshopped transformation of my clients, instead I wanted my clients to have a visual representation of who they fought so hard to become during our coaching sessions and celebrate this incredible milestone in their lives.

You are so much more than the women who wears black hides in the back row and who attempts to camouflage herself with an oversized purse. (Been there, done that)

You are incredible, vibrant, strong, and beautiful .... and my goal is to help you create a solid foundation for lasting change and no longer feeling guilt, shame or embarrassment or saying....

"I'll do IT (whatever it is) when....."

So here's the deal... if you've been sitting on the sidelines watching what feels like everyone else around you have it all figured out with their health, wellness, and life and you don't... it's time to take action because what you've been doing isn't working, am I right? 

I'm opening 5 spots for 12-weeks of personalized wellness coaching for late summer and into the fall...

 ...and to sweeten the deal... I am inviting you to take part in the "after" photo shoot experience as a gift from me to you. It's time you exist in photographs and felt comfortable in your own skin.


Are you still unsure if working with a coach is right for you?  Send me an email and we can schedule a time to chat and gauge if I am the right coach for you!  

10 years ago... on a small island called Nevis

10 years ago... on a small island called Nevis

I'll never forget the buzz surrounding 07-07-07.  If you were in the photography or wedding industry at the time you know the popularity of this date.  

An incredibly amazing couple contacted me for the 07-07-07 wedding that would be nothing short of spectacular.  When I first chatted with Liz on the phone she shared her vision with me for their destination wedding in Nevis and it surely didn't disappoint.

If you've never heard of Nevis, I am not surprised as it's a really small island within the West Indies.  More than likely you've heard of Saint Kitts which is popular cruise port which is across The Narrows from Nevis. 

Without a doubt, Liz and Tim's destination wedding in Nevis was a wedding I'd never forget.  In fact, we felt like extended family members rather than photographers and it was so easy to blend into their family and friends.  

We tagged along as the guys played a round of golf the day before the wedding at the Four Seasons, danced the night away on the beach at Sunshine's after a few killer bee's (we refrained!), and documented their wedding day at the Nisbet Plantation well into the night on 07-07-07.  The following day prior to our return home flight, we hopped into a cab and toured the island creating a series of dayafter portraits.  One of my all time favorite photographs is of Liz and Tim standing in the remains of a sugarcane plantation.  I remember hearing someone talk about the sugarcane plantation on the island and when we found this one my jaw dropped and I was immediately in love. 

Liz and Tim, Happy 10th Anniversary and thank you for all us to be apart of your wedding and your lives ever since.  We adore you both and wish you many more years of happiness! 


A collection of favorites

A collection of favorites

I never intended to fall into the world of wedding photography with majors in fashion and food photography.  So, when my mother booked my first wedding back in 2003 - I was filled with fear and dread.  Attending an art school that focused more attention on commercial photography rather than wedding photography I had discounted becoming a wedding photographer. 

What I didn't realize until a few years into photographing weddings was that I could combine my love for fashion and food to create a really amazing body of work when documenting a wedding. Long gone are the days of stoic portraits or 80's shoulder pads and flowers on the train of a wedding dress, instead, the wedding photography trends moved into journalistic and fashion infused portraits with an emphasis on the details.  

Learning to combine my love of fashion, food, and the excitement and thrill of a wedding day have led me to work with an incredibly amazing group of clients. Clients who asked me to be part of one of the most important days of the lives and become more than a vendor, but an extension of their family and friends. We've been apart of events with guest lists of  7 to as many as 700, on beaches surrounded by the Caribbean sea, overlooking the harbor of Boston, to a small chapel in the middle of mountains in Pennsylvania.  

I've toyed with the idea of keeping weddings as part of my past, but there is something so magical and exciting about photographing a wedding and I am very pleased to announce that I will be accepting a limited number of photography bookings in the fall of 2017 and into 2018.


For availability and to discuss how you dream of having your wedding photographed please connect with me here. 







From a personal standpoint - The likelihood of having both a good hair day and good makeup day for me is slim to none.  I can rock one or the other but rarely both which leads to anxiety and stress the day of a photo shoot.  After experiencing these failed attempts from than a handful of times I began enlisting the help of pros, which helped me feel confident in front of the camera!  



I'm picky to say the least when hair and makeup is involved.  I never want my clients to look anything but themselves and we've all seen how makeup can enhance one's features or go horribly wrong! My team has a clear understanding of what looks good through the camera, how to apply just the right amount of makeup for the camera and play up your features.  

 Working with a professional team allows you to be stress free the day of your photo shoot by eliminating bad hair days or failed attempts at a smokey eye.  


  • Apply moisturizer the days leading up to your photo shoot to avoid dry or flaky skin.  
  • Drink plenty of water to ensure that you have well hydrated and glowing skin.
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun Strive for a good night of sleep leading up to your photo shoot - even though I am sure you’ll be excited and a tiny bit nervous!  
  • Use a lip moisturizer to keep chapped lips at bay


The day of the photo shoot, you’ll want to arrive with dry hair and a makeup free face.  Once you are settled, you’ll meet with your stylist/makeup artist to finalize the look for your hair and makeup that will best complement your wardrobe.  



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