I'm an absolute sucker for a transformation.  To me, there is nothing more incredible than watching another women step into her beauty and owning it.  

Sadly, our society has become one that doesn't accept celebrating our imperfections, instead we feel we can only share "perfection" through a filter and then it's at a risk of us bragging or being cocky.  We can't win can we?! 

Adding hair styling and makeup into every photo shoots wasn't done to make everyone feel perfect - in fact it was done to enhance my clients already incredible features that they might not be playing up or to pull of the inner confidence that has been hiding.  

One of our very first before and after photo shoots was with Courtney, a women who incredibly stunning and an exceptional hairstylist who spends her days making everyone else feel glamorous.  It was only fitting to extend a photo shoot and provide her with the same treatment she provides her clients. 



You've spent the past twelve years preparing for this and now it's time to step into the spotlight with this once in a lifetime opportunity for the ULTIMATE SENIOR PORTRAIT EXPERIENCE!

AKP is seeking a handful of soon-to-be high school seniors to become models for the Class of 2018.  Models are needed for the following schools: Hempfield, Township, Penn Manor, Warwick, L-S, and Donegal.  If your school isn't listed, but you are interested in becoming a model - apply below as we might have a spot available!  SCROLL DOWN TO APPLY! 

The Ultimate Before and After Transformation

For those of you who don't know, about three years ago I stepped away from the photography world to pursue the world of health and wellness coaching along with personal training.  My objective was to create a program that would incorporate both of my loves: photography + health and wellness. 

The concept was based around the idea of a client participating in a 12 week coaching program with me that walked them through a complete transformation from the inside out.  Together, we created actionable plans for to help overcome challenges that blocked their health and wellness success with other programs/diets/workouts they may have tried in the past.  My goal as their coach was to create and build  a solid foundation that they could always come back to.  

At the end of their journey, each of the ladies had the opportunity to schedule a "reveal" or "after" photo shoot with me to showcase all of these hard work and FINALLY reveal the women that has been hiding for all of these years.   Watching these ladies grow, tackle their challenges head on and create lasting change that not only aided their wellness journey, but helped transform their families too was incredible.  

Their transformations were a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication that they had with this program and I couldn't be prouder of all of the their hard work, showing up when they might not have had the best week, and truly allowing themselves to be open to a new way of thinking and living. 


I've been considering launching this program again - if you are interested specifically in a wellness meets photography transformation please connect with me via my coaching email: and we can chat. 




Since I was a young girl I've been inspired by the work of Sante D'Orazio. It's quite possible you've seen his work in major fashion and lifestyle publications (InStyle and Vogue)  What drew me to his photography so many years ago, was the connection between photographer and model/subject - how the photograph was achieved virtually disappears, when you look at the photos you feel like it's you personally with the subject.  The connection he has with his client is something I strive for with my clients as well.  

Needless to say, I've been a fangirl for years and will continue to be.  I've carried a copy of his book, A Private View, through art school and countless moves and to this day I keep a copy on my desk.  His book is much different than any other photography book - rather than only show a portfolio of published images or a technical training book. His book is a copy of a personal diary sharing photo shoots, travels, and family while incorporating film type, exposures, who the photo was for, who he worked with for hair and makeup.  

When I decided to return to photography, I wanted to connect with my work in a similar fashion. Rather than review my "best of" portfolio - I want to document the shots that didn't work as much as the ones that did and have decided to keep a photo shoot diary of my own. Nothing like a good snow storm to help bring this project to life. 

The first step was to gather a collection of photographs to be printed and track down a diary that will house this ongoing project for 2017. 

I can't wait to see this project evolve throughout this rebirth of Amanda Kraft Photography!






Selecting art for your walls

Sitting down with a handful of photographs can often feel like a daunting task when trying to narrow down which images will grace your walls, especially when you have many favorites to choose from. I've found that working with tangible proofs can help eliminate the overwhelm and allow you to group photographs that you love much easier than navigating an online gallery or watching a slideshow over and over again.

During each portrait reveal and ordering appointment we will sit down and review the collection of photographs from your session.  Making  "love" and  "like" piles to work through.  Once we have narrowed down your favorites we will select handful that will become signature pieces in your home rather than live in  "the cloud" or on a thumb drive.


I believe in hanging large, beautiful portraits in your home, allowing these moments to be frozen in time and displayed for your to enjoy.  An art form that is becoming lost with the digital age.   While some may argue that hanging large portraits in your home of yourself and loved ones as being boastful or showy, I completely disagree.  I'd much rather walk into a home filled with large portraits from their wedding, a trip, or a photo shoot over a large piece of art found while walking the aisles of IKEA that share no meaning or significance. 

Once we have narrowed down your favorites we will discuss placement, sizing, print finishes, and framing to complete the process.  All you'll need to do is make time to display and hang your portraits once they arrive. 



Social Media Overlays for Wellness Coaches

Turn your social media imagery into an eye-catching post begging to be shared with health and wellness inspired script font overlays.

Included in this freebie bundle of 9- are prompts to direct your followers to new blog posts, recipes, wellness tips and more.

Each png file is ready to use with editing software of choice and be combined with any photograph in your library. With a collection of 9 overlays to work with, you will be able to create new social media imagery in seconds.

Using overlays will help you create a cohesive well-branded look that your followers will come to recognize!

Instagram Wellness Overlays

Free Instagram Overlays for Health and Wellness Coaches!

Turn your social media imagery into an eye-catching post begging to be shared with health and wellness inspired script font overlays.

Included in this freebie bundle of 9- are prompts to direct your followers to new blog posts, recipes, wellness tips and more.

Each png file is ready to use with editing software of choice and be combined with any photograph in your library. With a collection of 9 overlays to work with, you will be able to create new social media imagery in seconds.

Using overlays will help you create a cohesive well-branded look that your followers will come to recognize!

Photographs are not included in this freebie bundle.  





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I shared this post on my IG Feed and thought it might be nice to give you a little insight to who I am and why I do what I do!  

10) I'm married to an amazing guy with a kick-ass beard who runs his own company @beardcrew_brand/killtheshave.  We are fur-baby parents to 2 great danes, Jax & Winston

9) Photography was the only thing I dreamed of doing when I was a little girl!  My first camera was a 110 spy camera and I still love the look of film and processing my own black and white prints - which sadly, I haven't done in a long time. 

8) I have an obsession with day planners, stationary, and stickers 

7) I love spending my free time in the summer on a lake standup paddleboarding

6) Most mornings you can find me in the gym - leg day is my favorite day of the week 

5) I've been fortunate to have incredible clients who've asked me to travel the world with me to capture and document their wedding day. 

4) I love bacon and coffee in either order 

3) My favorite quote is: 

       “The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.”― Diane Von Furstenberg

2) I love photographing food; it doesn't talk back and you always get to sample the dishes 

1) Three years ago, when I stepped away from my business, my heart broke.   Only after picking my camera a few weeks ago did I realize that the only way to mend my broken heart again was to create and do what I love and that's being a photographer! 

Courtney's Maternity Portraits

I'm been so excited to share this photo shoot with Courtney and now the interwebs.  I met Courtney over a year and a half ago when I began my venture into personal training. In fact, I wouldn't have even thought about obtaining a personal trainer certification if it wasn't for her and AKP wouldn't be relaunched if it weren't for her once again. 

Courtney had asked if I would consider taking her maternity portraits and while I hadn't picked up a camera in months, I was so incredibly honored that she asked me to document this important moment for her. 

While we've experienced a mild winter for Central PA, the Sunday of her photo shoot was beyond cold and breezy.  Between shots and locations, we were bundled in parka's and uggs!  In the end, I don't think any of us would trade that day for the series of photographs we created! 


I am so excited to meet your little girl!  She is incredibly lucky to have you for a mother!  You've been an incredible friend, mentor, and boss over the past year and a half and I can't wait to watch you step into your next role as a mother.  I can't wait to meet your little girl and have no doubt that she will  be a strong, confident, beautiful, loving, and caring women just like you! 

Lots of Love, 


Home Interiors: Kristen Dommel Interiors

I've had the honor and privilege of working closely with Kristen Dommel on several interior design projects.  Not only is Kristen's attention to detail incredible, she transforms each space in an effortless way that feels incredibly achievable for your own space!  

Below is a collection of images from a recent home close to Kristen's heart, her own!  To learn more about Kristen and her design services please visit her website


returning from a long hiatus

Coming back from a break is never easy and the return from a two-year photography hiatus was something I never expected.  However, it's happening.  

Two years ago, I walked away from this business; a business that I lost sleep over, sweat over and bled over.  Why... because I was an artist lost. Simply put, I became burnt out, my health suffered, my marriage suffered... everyone around me suffered. 

I stepped away to start a new career in health and wellness - went back to school, launched a coaching business, and became a personal trainer - yet deep inside the calling to pick up my camera pulled at me.  

I resisted.... I fought myself on a daily basis and when asked to photograph family and friends I often said no, BUT when I said yes.... the creative side of me felt nourished, alive, and renewed.  

About two weeks ago a series of events led me to a big decision - returning to the industry. A decision that was not taken lightly or without reservation and fear. One, a maternity photo shoot for the manager of the gym where I train part time and the potential to open a small daylight studio a few minutes from my house.  

These two events felt as the universe was pulling me back to my roots to creative, share, and connect with my true calling of being a creative, an artist.  So... I guess this is my official announcement and return to photography.




Branding Photoshoots: Valerie McKeehan of Lily and Val

Bring your business to life with a photo shoot that showcases your  personality, services, and products.  Together, we will design a photo shoot with locations, wardrobe, and props that compliment who you are and what you do! 

Case Study: Valerie McKeehan | Owner and Creator of Lily and Val

Our goal was to showcase her design space (prior to moving into her flagship location in Pittsburgh,Pa), products, and a behind the scenes look at Valerie's works in progress.  

Branding Photo Shoot: Trans4mation Salon, Lancaster Pa

Case Study: Client wanted to showcase services provided by Leighanne Macdonald to introduce a new line of facial and skin care services offered along with allowing clients to see what is involved in the facial process. The photo shoot took place at Trans4mation Salon while Leighanne performed an Oxygen Treatment Facial.