returning from a long hiatus

Coming back from a break is never easy and the return from a two-year photography hiatus was something I never expected.  However, it's happening.  

Two years ago, I walked away from this business; a business that I lost sleep over, sweat over and bled over.  Why... because I was an artist lost. Simply put, I became burnt out, my health suffered, my marriage suffered... everyone around me suffered. 

I stepped away to start a new career in health and wellness - went back to school, launched a coaching business, and became a personal trainer - yet deep inside the calling to pick up my camera pulled at me.  

I resisted.... I fought myself on a daily basis and when asked to photograph family and friends I often said no, BUT when I said yes.... the creative side of me felt nourished, alive, and renewed.  

About two weeks ago a series of events led me to a big decision - returning to the industry. A decision that was not taken lightly or without reservation and fear. One, a maternity photo shoot for the manager of the gym where I train part time and the potential to open a small daylight studio a few minutes from my house.  

These two events felt as the universe was pulling me back to my roots to creative, share, and connect with my true calling of being a creative, an artist.  So... I guess this is my official announcement and return to photography.




Amanda Kraft