Branding Photo Shoot: Flat Lays or Top-Down Photos

An increasingly popular trend in marketing has been creating flat lays or top-down photos to highlight products, services, or the creator's personality.  Next time you are scrolling through your Instagram feed take notice to the images you're drawn to and more than likely, it will be some variation of a flat lay or top-down photo. 

When I work with a new branding client, I like to discuss how they plan to use their photos and if there is a need to create a series of flat lay or top-down photos in addition to beautiful headshots and lifestyle portraits.  

Flat lay or top-down photos are perfect for clients who sell products and are looking to show-off their product in a life-like setting.  For example, I worked with Beard Crew Brand (disclaimer: my husband's brand) and we wanted to showcase a handful of products that he offers along with incorporating his personal style into the brand.  



How-to incorporate Flat Lays or Top-Down Photos into your business:

+ Sharing a new recipe with a top-down photograph of your finished dish with ingredients or a snippet of your cookbook 

+ A styled outfit complete with top, bottom, shoes, and accessories (perfect for a Lula Roe consultant)