Selecting art for your walls

Sitting down with a handful of photographs can often feel like a daunting task when trying to narrow down which images will grace your walls, especially when you have many favorites to choose from. I've found that working with tangible proofs can help eliminate the overwhelm and allow you to group photographs that you love much easier than navigating an online gallery or watching a slideshow over and over again.

During each portrait reveal and ordering appointment we will sit down and review the collection of photographs from your session.  Making  "love" and  "like" piles to work through.  Once we have narrowed down your favorites we will select handful that will become signature pieces in your home rather than live in  "the cloud" or on a thumb drive.


I believe in hanging large, beautiful portraits in your home, allowing these moments to be frozen in time and displayed for your to enjoy.  An art form that is becoming lost with the digital age.   While some may argue that hanging large portraits in your home of yourself and loved ones as being boastful or showy, I completely disagree.  I'd much rather walk into a home filled with large portraits from their wedding, a trip, or a photo shoot over a large piece of art found while walking the aisles of IKEA that share no meaning or significance. 

Once we have narrowed down your favorites we will discuss placement, sizing, print finishes, and framing to complete the process.  All you'll need to do is make time to display and hang your portraits once they arrive.