The Ultimate Before and After Transformation

For those of you who don't know, about three years ago I stepped away from the photography world to pursue the world of health and wellness coaching along with personal training.  My objective was to create a program that would incorporate both of my loves: photography + health and wellness. 

The concept was based around the idea of a client participating in a 12 week coaching program with me that walked them through a complete transformation from the inside out.  Together, we created actionable plans for to help overcome challenges that blocked their health and wellness success with other programs/diets/workouts they may have tried in the past.  My goal as their coach was to create and build  a solid foundation that they could always come back to.  

At the end of their journey, each of the ladies had the opportunity to schedule a "reveal" or "after" photo shoot with me to showcase all of these hard work and FINALLY reveal the women that has been hiding for all of these years.   Watching these ladies grow, tackle their challenges head on and create lasting change that not only aided their wellness journey, but helped transform their families too was incredible.  

Their transformations were a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication that they had with this program and I couldn't be prouder of all of the their hard work, showing up when they might not have had the best week, and truly allowing themselves to be open to a new way of thinking and living. 


I've been considering launching this program again - if you are interested specifically in a wellness meets photography transformation please connect with me via my coaching email: and we can chat.