One of the biggest components of your high school career is your involvement in a sport or hobby and let's be honest, your parents also invest a lot of time and energy taking you to practice, cheering from the stands or sidelines or wiping away tears when a tough loss happens.  

So it's only fitting to incorporate your love for the game or hobby into your high school senior portraits.  Plus, I love the combo of a glam-ing up your sports look with hair and makeup! During our consultation, we will discuss if you want to incorporate your sport/hobby into your photo shoot and if we need to timing or a specific location plays into how to bring this idea to life. 

Not into sports, but you love to read? I've had clients bring a stack of their favorite books to incorporate into their portraits. Maybe you share a love for photography as well and want to incorporate a vintage camera into your photo shoot - the possibilties are endless!