Pinch me... I'm dreaming - first look at my new studio space

My heart is exploding with so much excitement! When I walked away from photography two years ago, I kept telling myself the door was closed. The universe would have other plans in store for me.

Almost 2-years ago two incredible ladies, Robin and Brittany, walked into my life or should I say into my training schedule at the gym. (yeah, I was personal training for a hot minute or two) 

These two ladies introduced me to two more amazing people, Cathy and Ron, that have not only helped me reconnect to my creative roots but also presented me with an opportunity of a lifetime.

It's still a work in progress... but I am so excited and happy to call this space home. AKP is officially moving into its own daylight natural light studio this fall.

More progress photos to come as this project takes on new life daily. After seeing a sneak peek at the flooring yesterday, I am even more in love with this space.

Until this space is ready, photo shoot bookings are available on location and I will be making MAJOR announcement next week for models as I expand my portfolio - be sure to check back on Tuesday for the details.   

Curious about the style of work that I'll be moving into - take a look at my Pinterest inspiration board for the dream I am actively working to bring to life. 



Amanda Kraft