How-to incorporate a musical instrument into your photo shoots - Amanda Kraft Photography - Lancaster, Pa

Much like those who play sports throughout their high school career many fall in love with music and playing an instrument in the band or orchestra.  I'll be the first to admit, some pieces are easier to incorporate into your photo shoot than others, but I am sure we can get creative should you want to add a piano to your collection of photos.  

When my client told me she hoped to incorporate her violin into her photo shoot, I wanted to use a location that wouldn't be typical for a violin player.  I chose the top of a parking garage rather than an indoor location.  I love the juxtaposition between a classical musical instrument and gritty feeling of the parking garage. 


This was one of my favorite photo shoots and I fell in love with this series of images from the moment the shutter clicked. We did a few additional posed portraits in an alley way and again, love how we approached this series of portraits from a rock n' roll  style by playing off her jeans, leather jacket and heels.