Allow me to introduce you to Ashley, a local yoga instructor, who found herself on the yoga mat and has created a career that she loves!  


Q: What made you want to pursue yoga as a career path?

I was going through a low point in my life, feeling depressed, wasn’t satisfied with my job, pretty much just felt completely lost and unhappy, felt like I was never going be good enough for anything.  I wasn’t sure where to turn.  When I decided to go to a yoga training in Bali, I still wasn’t quite sure I wanted to teach yoga.  I was more going for myself, to heal my soul.  It was the most amazing experience with the most loving, beautiful people.  Some students there felt completely transformed after the training.  For me, it was a bit different.  I loved the training and learned so much, but I didn’t feel quite as strongly as most of them did; I felt great, but not much different.  I was a bit envious of their transformation.  It wasn’t until after I come back home and started teaching yoga where the real transformation happened.  I always knew I wanted a career where I could help others.  I wanted to be a nurse, but I faint at the sight of my own blood so that was out.  When I began to see that I was really touching lives it felt so rewarding.  I’ve since grown exponentially, so although the change didn’t occur right away, every day feels more and more like this path is meant for me and I look forward to continuing to flourish and sharing my love to help shape the lives of others in positive ways

Q: What advice do you have for a beginner?  

Start today!  Yoga is so powerful and a lifestyle, on and off the mat.  You don’t need to be flexible or know what you are doing to start.  Get to a studio.  Nothing surpasses group classes and energy.   Take as many classes and styles you need to until you find what suits you and your heart.  Find a teacher that resonates with you.  If you can’t make it to a studio, do videos.  There is a yoga is for everyone!  I offer videos.  If interested, you can message me on fb at Ashley Williams Yoga.  



Q: Where did you study yoga? 

I studied Vinyasa/Hatha and some Yin with a specialty in acro, kids, and pre-natal.  And in magical Bali!  (Specifically near Ubud) yoga mecca! :)

Q: What is your favorite aspect of yoga?

You just feel amazing after a practice.  Period.  You could be having the worst day, could be super tight in the body, could have major anxiety, but after a nice class, you feel so relaxed, grounded, reconnected, and ready to conquer the day!  It also goes way beyond the mat.  It is a lifestyle change, so you will become more in tune with your body and mind and what it needs and conscious of your surroundings.  You will make better, healthier food choices, and bring mindfulness into your everyday life, helping you live now, in the present moment.  

Q: What is your favorite healthy recipe or food?


Q: What is your favorite healthy recipe or food?

I love green smoothies and make them every morning.  Avocado, kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, mango (or whatever fruits I have), coconut water, fresh ginger, turmeric, and then I throw in some superfoods like maca, bee pollen, chia seeds, spirulina, etc.  Right now I’m also on this spicy metabolism revving cabbage soup kick.  It might not sound that appealing but it is DELICIOUS.  It consists of cabbage, sweet potatoes, red lentils, onion, garlic, chick peas, tomatoes and more! 

Q: Where can one come to take classes from you?

My main studio is at Yoga United at Brighton in the center across from Bent Creek.  I teach a variety of classes Rise and Flow, warm vinyasa flow, fusion, candlelight restorative flow, and kids yoga at various times.  I teach a variety of workshops as well, you just have to keep a lookout for them, normally on Sundays.   

I offer private lessons and can go to someone’s house if they prefer one-on-one training.  

I also will be starting a 4-week yoga program at Z Fitness beginning Feb 15.  Perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to deepen their practice.