Introducing Karyn of Seven19Company - Personal Branding Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of working with Karyn a few weeks ago to create a series of branding photos for her new website and the launch of her business, Seven19Company - a social media and business management company for wedding professionals.  



What I do.....

I help wedding and event professionals with their business management and social media marketing. 

Problems I solve....

My clients are small business owners, maybe solopreneurs, who really want to grow their businesses & get more clients, but they need help to do that. I handle everything from billing and calendar management to social media marketing. By taking care of their phone calls and scheduling appointments, they will never have to let an answering machine talk to their clients. And by implementing important social strategies, my clients can reach out to clients who are looking for their services, without the expense of print or traditional marketing. 



Is there a unique story behind your business or brand....

I was interested in wedding planning many years ago, when I had my first daughter. I tried to start my own business, but with being a full-time mom and working a full-time job, that made it very difficult. Instead, I focused on building my career in other ways - I went onto become a store manager for many years at a fast-paced retail store in Harrisburg, PA. 

Last year, I decided to start my company. I knew that I needed to help event professionals because this niche is so deserving for all the hard work that they put into making their clients' days perfect. Planners, photographers, caterers and DJs all have such an important role to play, and that can make it very stressful at times. So, I knew that I could help by taking some of that stress off of them.

Favorite podcasts / book / blog...

  • I love the GaryVee audio experience (Amanda turned me onto listening to Gary while working out) 
  • Freakonomics radio (because I'm a nerd like that)
  • The life coach school -Brooke has a lot of great life advice. 


What surprising lessons have you learned along the way.....

Starting a business is very challenging. So, the most important thing that I have learned is how to fail a lot. Starting my own business is about trying new things that I haven’t done before; where I am not really sure of the outcome. Part of that includes failing at it sometimes and succeeding other times. Learning how to fail and keep going is a big life lesson for me. 

What is your favorite social media platform....

Probably Facebook. Facebook groups are such an amazing support to find people who are interested in the same topics as you are or going through the same struggles. I love being able to engage with people from everywhere on the earth just because we are interested in the same topic.

Any other highlights you’d like to share, upcoming events, program launches, etc...

 I am always available to talk, if you have questions about how to improve your social marketing or if you are wondering if my services are right for you. Any of your readers can give me a call or send me an email - even if they are not sure if that they need help. 

How to connect with me...

Email is

Website is

Facebook is 719 Company (so is Instagram)