Embrace your own definition of beauty - Glamour Shoot with Nichole

Allow me to introduce you to Nichole, some of you may already know Nichole as she has been my in-house hair stylist and makeup artist for years.  Our working relationship turned into one of my greatest friendships and someone who I can go weeks without talking to and never feel like we skip a beat when we see each other again. 

Due to our close working relationship and friendship, I've gotten to be part of so many milestones in her life and one of the biggest ones has been her weight loss transformation.  I've watched this woman bust her butt in the gym, spend hours in the kitchen prepping meals for herself & kids while transforming from the inside out. 

When Nichole asked me to photograph her a few weeks ago in the studio I couldn't say no.  Like many women, Nichole has a few "problem areas" she wanted to hide and rather than focus on their areas we shifted our focus to the features she does love.  

Following our photo shoot, I kept thinking about Nichole and her incredible beauty, not only physically, but how amazing her heart is. She inspired me to create this idea of EMBRACING YOUR OWN DEFINITION OF BEAUTY.  We (women, girls, humans) spend so much time focusing on what we don't like about ourselves rather than celebrating what we do love.  If I've learned anything on my 36 years circling this planet is that we will never be perfect and we will never have this time in our lives so why wait for "perfect", instead let's embrace your own definition of beauty! 

Because, Nichole surely has and I can't be more proud of her and honored that she allowed me to create this series of photographs. 


For those of you interested in EMBRACING YOUR OWN DEFINITION OF BEAUTY I would love to connect with you.  Perhaps you want to explore the idea of a glamour or boudoir style photo shoot or maybe spend the day with your daughter(s), best friend(s), sister(s), or mother.  We need to exist in photographs for our loved ones and more importantly for ourselves.