A Girl's Day Out - Tween Style

"You don't have to be pretty like her.  You can be pretty like you." 


Over the weekend the studio was filled with these beautiful little ladies.  They giggled and danced their little hearts out!  I don't think I have giggled this much in a long time. 

I can't wait to see what the Fabulous 5 end up doing in the future,I am pretty sure they will do amazing things and hope that every 5 years they make it a tradition to return to the studio for a group photo shoot!  


Girl's Day Out Photo Shoots are the perfect way  to celebrate the bond you have with your sisters, cousins, or best friends.  We can book out the entire studio for the afternoon and have the ultimate girl's day complete with hair, makeup and wardrobe styling.  After your photo shoot plan to continue the girl's day with dinner and drinks or in this case ----> a trip to Froyo! 

Girl's Day Out Photo Shoots are an amazing birthday party alternative.  We can book out the studio for a few hours, bring in a hairstylist to add a bit of curl or braids to the girls hair and finish the look with a bit of lip gloss.  Each photo shoot is limited to 5 girls and includes 3 photos from the day (a group photo, a photo with the birthday girl, and an individual photo) Use the contact form below to inquire about availability.