Personal Branding for College Planner: Anabel

One of the greatest perks of this industry is working with clients through all stages of their lives.  I met Anabel when she was going into her senior year of high school and she has finished college and is now helping high school seniors with their college planning.  Anabel stopped by the studio a few weeks ago during my mini Personal Branding Photo Shoot Day and I was so happy to learn about her post-college gig and what she is up to now!  


If you are struggling to decide which college might be right for you, help with your college essays, or if financial aid is making your head spin - she is your girl!  

Q & A with Anabel

What is it that you do?
I work for the College Advising Corps, a national non-profit dedicated to bettering college access and increasing enrollment of low-income and high achieving students.

What problems and/or challenges do you help solve for your clients?
I help high school students construct educated college lists, edit their college essays, and apply for financial aid opportunities.

What services and/or products do you offer?
Free college counseling

What is the best advice you've ever been given?
The best advice I have ever been given is to be gracious, be humble, and never miss an opportunity to connect with others.

What are three things you couldn't go without?
Sushi, Green Tea, and family!

To learn more about Anabel and how she can help take the stress out of college planning connect with her on LinkedIn