How my photography business led me to become a health coach for creatives

On paper and social media, it would appear that I had it all figured out. My photography business was thriving and I was traveling the world doing what I loved daily.

Truth is the not so glamorous parts of being a self-employed business owner didn't make the highlight reel. Most days were spent in front of a computer for hours on end editing- often until the wee hours of the morning. I ate, slept, and breathed building a photography business that I had dreamed of since I was a little girl.

No one saw the days I cried when I felt like a creative failure, when I was rejected by several photography groups, or when my bank account dropped below my comfort level.

Those aren't topics clients or colleagues want to hear. We want to hear about the good stuff, the bragging rights.

For me... when overwhelm sets in, I quit working out and turn to highly processed, packaged, carb-ified foods. I hid in my business using it as a creative way to deflect my weight gain, lack of movement, and poor self-care. At some point, you'll hit rock bottom in your creative journey and it might be something you can see or it might blindside you. For me, it was something I saw...surrounded by a pile of designer duds that no longer fit, shit hit the fan, and I had an uncomfortable heart to heart with myself.



Several weeks later, I found myself walking into a local gym filled with shame, guilt, and embarrassment for the person I had become. Hidden in layers of fat I knew the women that I dreamed of being somewhere inside. She just had to fight like hell to find her. Twelve weeks later, my life changed.


My weight dropped, my business was restructured, and I was beginning to find me. Two years later after mustering up the courage to walk into the gym and ask for help, my curiosity for health and wellness continued - I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified holistic health coach as well as a certified personal trainer.

Now, I am on a mission to help other creatives

Are you a creative who feels their soul slipping away into their business? Are you an Etsy store owner, graphic designer, florist, photographer, life coach, health coach, yoga instructor, or chef who's zest for life, creativity, and passion toward business has become muddy? Are hints of regret and resentment for starting your business starting to come to the surface? Do you feel your accomplishments and successes are often overshadowed by your workload and fear of never doing enough?

Most creatives I know are stuck between the verge of a burn-out or hitting their own point of "I've made it".


How I Coach Creatives:

I provide a space for you to open up; to share your dreams (professional & personal), allow you to express your struggles and guide you to discover your own voice and vision for your business and life. I will challenge you to take action, to face your fears and allow radical shifts to happen. If I have learned one thing during my 13 years of business, it’s the moment you gain the courage to step outside your comfort zone the magic begins.


Interested in learning more and chatting about how I can help you transform your health & wellness while owning and operating the business you dreamed of email at