Meet Jen - Mindset & Accountability Coach - Personal Branding Photoshoot, Lancaster Pa

I might be a bit partial but this had to be one of my favorite personal branding photo shoots because my client Jen, happens to be my business bestie!  We've shared plenty of ups, downs, phone calls filled with tears (you know... the big ugly tears that no one can understand) and we soaked up all of the truth bombs Gary V threw out in a 30-minute platform presentation and danced our hearts out with Tony Robbins for 4+ hours! 

When Jen came to visit a few weeks ago, we decided she needed a few new headshots for her upcoming website rebrand.  I can't wait to plan her next shoot and I have a feeling we will be at the beach with her puppies, husband, and paddleboards!  

Jen has helped me overcome mindset challenges I've experienced and has taught me how to reframe my thoughts and change my story!  I am beyond grateful and blessed to have her in my life personally and professionally.  If mindset and accountability are a struggle for you... know you aren't alone and there are people out there who can help support you on your journey... read Jen's story below and connect with her as she might be the missing link to help you like she has helped me! 



Name: Jen VanBarriger
Website / Social Media is currently under construction but you can find me hanging out on facebook ( or mostly on instagram @jenvanbarriger

What is it that you do?
As a mindset & accountability coach, when I’m not adventuring thru life with my husband or cuddling with my amazing boxers, Bailey and Belvedere, I am practicing what I preach. I spend time daily committing to happiness, abundance, joy, healthy boundaries, raising and protecting my vibration and as well as personal growth.

My purpose and messages resonate with my clients and audience causing them to take action, create and achieve goals, and live with the passion to achieve greatness.

What problem/challenge do you help solve for your clients?
I guide my clients to overcome the noise of doubts, fears, and questions we all have in our mind. Together we will uplevel your mindset by showing up 100% unapologetically as you begin living in a space of love and  abundance

What services and/or products do you offer?
As mentioned above, my website is currently under construction as I rebrand. So in the meantime, you can find daily inspiration and motivation from me on insta and facebook while I’m over here cooking up some juicy stuff for the world. Think…personal cheerleader in your back pocket ; )

What is the best advice you've ever been given?
That you can have, do, and be ANYTHING you want in life and the only thing stopping it from happening is the BULLSH*T stories we tell ourselves. Our mind is the most powerful tool we will ever be given and we ALWAYS have the choice to change our mind and our life.

What are three things you couldn't go without?
My husband.
My dogs.
…not really “things” per say, but those three are the very essence of my being. Without each of those, in their own way, I would not be the person I am.

Anything else you'd like to share about WHO YOU ARE & WHAT YOU DO?
I believe gratitude is the #1 thing required in our lives to get us from where we are to where we want to be. When you challenge yourself to be truly grateful for each and every blessing in your life, it is then that the universe begins to conspire and bless you with even more.

I challenge you to keep a gratitude journal for the next 30 days. Each and every day, take notice of 5 - 10 things you are grateful for in the world around you. We often take for granted simple things like fresh air, clean drinking water and a place to sleep, but those are all things to express gratitude for.

Take notice in how your attitude towards things starts to shift. If you miss a day, start the 30 day clock over and keep going!



Should a reader want to learn more about what you have to offer how can they reach you?
For now, find me on social media! is currently under construction but you can find me hanging out on facebook ( or mostly on instagram @jenvanbarriger