Photography (and video) have become incredibly powerful tools to market your business online. Each day we view hundreds to thousands pieces of visual content with some of it good and some of bad (in both photography quality and overall content), how a business presents itself is more important now than ever. With the help of google, I quickly learned that we can spend up to 11 hours a day consuming social media. That’s a HUGE part of our day. As a small business and/or solo-prenuer it can tough to complete daily operating tasks let alone create consistent daily social media content.

Creating social media content and upping the visual game of personal branding is something that I am incredibly passionate about. Why, because if we aren’t showcasing WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE DO/CREATE in a visual way, we are more likely to become overlooked and go unheard online.

Imagine creating or launching a new product or service without any cohesive and brand focused visual content. Would your launch have the same impact if you used your phone to create the content? Perhaps, but imagine working with a photographer who create a visual story by mixing personal branding, lifestyle, and product photography that is unique to YOU & YOUR BRAND!


That’s what I have been doing for a handful of small business owners and solo-prenuers. We schedule monthly or quarterly photo shoots to coincide with an upcoming program or product launches or a new season to create time sensitive photography and social media content.

How would it feel to sit down at your computer one afternoon and have access to a stockpile of photographs that not only represent your brand, but tell a story of WHO YOU ARE & WHAT YOU DO! Let me answer that for you… it’s priceless. Long gone are the days spent looking for stock photography at sort of meshes with your brand and doesn’t break the bank or struggling to take the perfect flat lay photo or selfie.


So, let’s talk about how it works:

We’ll have a consultation and/or planning meeting to make sure that I’m a right fit for you and your a right fit for me. I’m a firm believer that there is the right combo for every creative and business owner. During our consultations and/or planning meeting we will discuss your photography needs and decide if we need to source specific props, find a location, or line up models. Once we have a solid foundation of your needs, we will schedule your first photo shoot and start to create your stockpile of custom personal branding photos. About two to three weeks following your photo shoot, you’ll receive a password gallery to access your high resolution digital files and start the design process. If the design process overwhelms you, we can discuss ways to do it on your own that are quick and easy or how I can also help support you.

Not ready to have a photo shoot yet, but are in need of stock photography?

I’ve created a wellness based stock photography gallery with the option to purchase digital stock photographs called Well Stocked with a collection of photographs perfect for health coaches, food bloggers, and personal trainers.