5 Tips for Social Media Content Creation



Far too many holidays and events pop up that we often forget about or fail to plan for in advance. Leaving us with limited time to create a well designed marketing campaign, throwing us into a reactive mindset rather than a proactive one. Planning in advance will help maximize your marketing dollars and hopefully return a greater ROI.

Plan your marketing around the seasons or holidays that impact your business.

For example: You’ll want to begin marketing for Christmas in November (if not sooner, with sneak peeks) - which means you’ll need to create your product/content no later than the end of September. Allow yourself plenty of lead time to design products or content, schedule a photo shoot, have your photographs edited and delivered so you can create marketing pieces, update your website, social media, online stores, and newsletters. Waiting until November 1st to start creating content will have you playing catch up all holiday season.


Avoid falling victim to building your brand (and branding) around trends.


Example: if mason jars and burlap aren’t your brand, don’t incorporate it. Same with colors -if your colors are black and white, pick one accent color and stick with it. Don’t bounce between black, white, pink for a week and switching to black, white, and orange the following week. Or always looking for a new logo or how to tweak your current logo.

Take it from personal experience - nothing is worse than scheduling a photo shoot, sourcing wardrobe/props, to receive your photos and not see your vision or brand in the photographs because you tried to be something or someone your not.


Years ago, I scheduled a photo shoot to update my headshots. Picture an open field, denim jacket, and white & orange chevron dress. Sounds lovely, but that isn’t me! I’m an all black, heel wearing kinda girl who wears minimal makeup with a bold lip and either nude or black nails.



Successful photo shoots don’t happen by chance, instead you (and your team) are going to have to put in a little extra work to bring your vision to life with props, location scouting, wardrobe planning, and making sure your products are picture perfect.

Hoping that it all works out doesn’t work when developing a content creation photo shoot. Having a shot list is also incredibly helpful to make sure that key elements or products aren’t forgotten or overlooked.

4 - GO PRO

Work with a photographer who understands how to photograph products, food, people, buildings, etc. You sort of need a jack of all trades when it comes to creating social media content and let me tell you the D-i-Y approach with a few filters doesn’t work. After seeing “real” photos you’ll never want to go back to camera phone images, at least that has been my experience.


Avoid overwhelming yourself, your team, and your photographer with a list of 100 must have photos. Instead focus on creating a smaller collection of high quality photographs that you can use during the next month or two. Same goes for props and products. Sometimes keeping it simple can make a greater impact than a cluttered photo. If your budget allows for monthly content creation that’s a bonus, if not, plan out 4 shoots a year to work with the seasons, product or program launches.


All social media & branding clients go through a personalized consultation with me to discuss their objectives, vision, how the photographs will be used, and any other details that are key to include. More details about working with me to create your social media content can be found HERE.