Collaboration Photo Shoot - Amanda Kraft Photography with Erica Colon & Cindy Burry of Trans4mation Salon

Working so closely with the ladies of Trans4mation Salon has afforded me the luxury of designing collaboration photo shoots at the drop of a hat, and it pushes us beyond our comfort zones, which I think is important for all creatives. It’s really easy to fall into a routine or overlook challenging ourselves by learning new techniques, lighting stylings, or simply seeing and thinking differently.


When I learned of the hair transformation Cindy was creating for client, Abbie, I knew something amazing was about to happen. It’s not every day a client walks through the doors of a salon hoping for vibrant pink hair let alone transitioning out of vibrant pink and into silver hair with a pink/purple faux hawk.

Following Abbie’s initial appointment with Cindy we started to brainstorm a photo shoot. I wanted to keep the styling simple to show off Abbie’s confidence and personality - You got to be pretty damn confident to rock a multi colored faux hawk! Plus, I wanted to highlight the talents of Cindy’s as a stylist, and Erica’s insanely flawless makeup magic.


When you can’t decide if you are more in love with muted colors or black & white…. you post both!



Cindy Burry - Stylist at Trans4mation Salon

Erica Colon - Freelance Makeup Artist & Trans4mation Salon Makeup Artist

Photography - Amanda Kraft Photography