The Self Portrait Project - Embrace Your Own Definition of Beauty - Amanda Kraft Photography

I'd be lying if I didn't say this post scares the absolute sh*t out of me to share.

I am no longer in my early 30's (currently 37) and am heavier now than I was two years ago (up 15 pounds), but still less than when I started my wellness journey a few years ago. I am in the process of relaunching a business from the ground up and lose sleep at night. I censor myself with every post I make in fear of what a perfect stranger or my parents might think. I rely on CBD to keep my anxiety at bay and am far from picture perfect.

But one morning last year... I had finished reading a bit of personal development and was reflecting on what I had been reading. My focus for such a long time had been on where I didn't measure up, especially on how I viewed myself.


Can you relate?

At the bottom of my journal, I wrote EMBRACE YOUR OWN DEFINITION OF BEAUTY. .
For me, that meant embracing my thick thighs that allow me to stand-up paddleboard all summer long, to embrace my less than perfect vision that allows me to create beautiful portraits of my clients, and to accept that my weight won't define me unless I give it the power to define me.

I challenged myself to create a self-portrait series knowing that if I wasn't willing to get in front of the camera and bare my soul than I couldn't expect anyone else to do the same. So... here I am... scared to death but, hoping this post will encourage you to embrace your own definition of beauty (and life) without censoring your thoughts, feelings or actions.

To the woman who doesn't feel beautiful or worthy enough to have taken portraits of herself, to go after the job or man she wants because she doesn't feel pretty enough, or can't find love for her body... know that I am cheering you on and hope that you find inner peace and EMBRACE YOUR OWN DEFINITION OF BEAUTY.