How would I describe Jennie? Well… her hair says it all. She is wild, crazy, and fiercely passionate about living life to the fullest, drinking good coffee, and being a proud momma. I have had the honor and privilege of working with Jennie for the past two and a half years and I know this to be true about her. We joke that we are wonder twins - ACTIVATE POWER! - but it’s the truth, we are quite alike.

When Jennie and I discussed her photo shoot the one thing I told her that I wouldn’t do is photoshop her vitiligo. If you are unfamiliar with vitiligo, it’s a disease that causes your skin to lose its color and pigmentation. And here’s why she and I agreed against any editing of the “spots” - these spots might be part of her story, but she sure as hell won’t let vitiligo define her. Talk about embracing one's own definition of beauty!


As wild and crazy as I know this powerhouse to be, when it came to the morning of her photo shoot, she was a ball of nerves. I could sense these feelings as soon as her Jeep rolled into the parking lot - see twin intuition! Thirty minutes later paired with a good playlist her nerves passed and we began creating incredible portraits.


Why I am so passionate about boudoir/glamour/embrace your own definition of beauty photo shoots is because you might think the photo shoot is a “gift” for someone else - it’s actually the greatest gift you can give yourself. It’s a celebration of WHO YOU ARE, WHO YOU HAVE BECOME, AND WHO YOU ARE CONTINUING TO EVOLVE INTO.

So ladies…let’s throw the idea of this being a “gift” for someone else out the window and do it for yourself. Why… because you deserve to see and celebrate yourself.