Personal Branding Portraits - Jeff - Amanda Kraft Photography, Lancaster Pa

“Style is knowing who you are,

what you want to say,

and not giving a damn.” 

– Orson Welles


I’ve focused so much of my business on photographing women that I have often overlooked the opportunity to photograph men. Within this past year, I’ve began photographing more and more male clients and if I’m being honest, I am loving the change of pace and style.


Jeff was introduced to me through one of the stylists, Missy, from Trans4mation Salon. He had needed a fresh cut to update his headshots and Missy suggested that Jeff connect with me. A week later he was in the studio for his photo shoot.


Jeff provided me with a bit of background as to his personal branding photography needs and we ran with it. He brought a few looks to be photographed in; a suit jacket with a tie and two other jackets. My favorite portraits had been those of Jeff in his dark brown suede jacket paired with a crisp white shirt and jeans. Very James Bond meets the cover of Cigar Aficionado.


While our objective was to create a collection of portraits that Jeff could use for an upcoming award he will be receiving, he could also use these portraits for an updated website profile, LinkedIn, or social media accounts he might have.