I am beyond excited and honored to share this collection of portraits. Val and I have known each other for years and to be asked to photograph her and her husbands biggest milestone to date still has me speechless. Val is the owner of the ever popular Hand Lettering Chalk Art business Lily & Val. It feels like just yesterday we were lugging a huge vintage yellow chair into an elevator and creating her first series of product photographs and now, we are creating a collection of maternity portraits.

We had booked her portrait photo shoot many months ago and due to our two schedules and the upcoming arrival of her baby girl we had limited dates to work with, but as Mother Nature would have it, she gave us the most perfect spring day for a photo shoot. Beautiful sunlight, a clear sky, and the most perfect temperatures for walking the grounds of Hotel Hershey and Hershey Gardens.


While I do not have the best green thumb, I can say that the gardens definitely were not in full bloom and more than likely the following week would have been a little more ideal for in bloom flowers and trees. We did manage to find one magnolia tree that was in bloom and spent most of our times in the garden in this spot.


After a quick wardrobe change we were back at the magnolia tree and I felt for a moment that we had transported to Paris and no longer in Hershey. The soft light paired with the lace on Val’s dress makes this series of portraits feel very whimsical.


Oh my dear friends Valerie and Mak - I am so excited as you two venture into becoming parents and sharing your love of art and music with your daughter. I can’t wait to road trip to Pittsburg to meet her! Sending you lots of love!

And allow to do a shameless plug for Val’s Hand Lettering Chalk Art. I’d be shocked if you haven’t seen her creations in a gift shop, bookshop, or in your favorite magazine. She has hosted online classes and published a book! Oh and let’s not forget about Mak and his holiday radio station - Tinsel and Tunes.

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