As a visual artist, I rarely struggle to find inspiration for concept or themed photo shoots. I often am inspired to create a concept photo shoot based on a movie or TV show. Last summer, my inspiration was pulled from a cult classic The Sandlot with two different shoots (Retro Swim & Baseball Field)

Building this diner themed photo shoot inspired by the show Riverdale, was a challenge of it’s own. I had tossed around different locations for months, finally settling on the Prospect Diner which is near and dear to my heart as my father and I would typically have breakfast there every Friday morning.

As for the group of girls to take on the characters/models for this photo shoot, I enlisted Natalie / Veronica to help connect me with the right group of girls. She introduced me to Carly / Betty, and social media connected me to Haylee / Cheryl and Allie / Jughead. By the end of the day you felt that these girls had known each other for years, when in reality it was just during the 4 hours of hair and makeup that they got to know each other.

The last key to completing the vision for this photo shoot was my glam squad - Myerlee out did herself with the makeup for each of the girls - adding the right amount of drama without making it “too much”. Liana transformed their hair to match their characters style and personality perfectly and Jennie did a quick manicure for a few of the girls to finish their looks.

Seriously, without this dream team, I’d still be day dreaming this photo shoot instead of having the incredible series of photographs below to share.