Finally getting around to sharing Rachel’s senior portrait photo shoot from last fall. Due to the wild summer weather we had last year, we had to push off Rachel’s photo shoot until the late fall and of course, mother nature still wasn’t playing kind. It had to be one of the coldest fall days feeling more like winter. We bundled up between locations and came away with a stunning collection of portraits to document Rachel’s senior year.

Due to construction around Central Market we were limited as to which angles we could work with, but I loved how the exposed brick tied in perfectly with Rachel’s dress and scarf. Rachel had also turned 18 around the time of her photos so her mom brought along 1-8 balloons for a prop and I love the rose gold balloons with the sequined dress she wore - how she didn’t freeze is beyond me.

I’m an absolute sucker for the black and white serious of portraits that we created. It wasn’t until I created the collages for this post that I re-discovered how beautiful those images turned out. And of course, the last collection of portraits with the beautiful backlight make my photo heart happy.

I can’t wait to begin photographing the Class of 2020 and continue creating series of portraits like this for more soon to be high school seniors.