I might be dating myself sharing my love for developing film & hand printing photographs in a darkroom, but it's where I fell in love with photography. It was like a magic act; exposing a piece of photographic paper under the enlarger before moving the paper through the developer solution and waiting for the image to appear.

It was love at first attempt!

Long before online galleries, instagram, and camera phones - contact sheets gave you the ability to see your photographs before printing. You'd lay all of your negatives flat on top of a piece of photographic paper - cover the negatives with a piece of glass, exposure the paper to light, and then following the developing process. In the end, you'd have an 8x10 sheet of paper with four or five rows of thumbnails to choose from.

Sadly, digital has taken away some of the fun - losing track of time in the darkroom, forcing you to get it right in camera (on film) rather than speeding through a shoot with 1,000 images, and stocking your refrigerator more film than food.

I recently was reintroduced to the idea of making contact sheets and I am beyond excited to offer contact sheets as a new wall portrait product. How fun would this be to display on a wall in your home, dorm room, or office? I can't wait to start creating a contact sheet for each photo shoot to keep in a studio album.