We launched something new - Say hello to 16 Paws Creative

It’s time to pop some bottles and celebrate the launch of 16 Paws Creative.

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Jen VanBarriger & I couldn't be more excited to announce the official launch of 16 Paws Creative! For the better part of the last 5 years, Jen & Amanda have been business besties and built-in emotional support for one another on this crazy journey of entrepreneurship. 

We’ve seen each other thru the ebbs and flows of being multi-passionate and creative business owners. Struggling to truly find our way solo in any one industry, a lightning bolt idea struck after a mini-meltdown on both their parts, we finally decided to collaborate efforts and a new business was born.

Imagine having a business that allows you to focus on many of your interests and use all of your skills on a regular basis, enter 16 Paws Creative. The two of us founded the company as a way to help small business creatives reach their full potential while relieving the burden of all the small things that get in the way of their passion. 

Jen and Amanda are two down to earth babes who are wildly obsessed with their dogs (hence the name, 16 Paws) and are extremely passionate about supporting YOU on your entrepreneur journey.

16 Paws Creative is a combination of a virtual assistant and creative services, focusing our attention on supporting small business owners in of need assistance with their social media, email management, general administrative work or collaborating with those who need help with their overall brand presence to include custom social media photography and graphics. 

We invite you to visit our brand new website athttp://www.16pawscreative.com  to learn how we support fellow small business creatives and owners!