Her days often begin before sunrise and continue beyond sunset as she chases around a very active toddler, manages a fitness club, and trains to be the best version of herself daily. She showing her daughter that strength and beauty can co-exist in a world that often fails to celebrate strong women in the workplace and in the gym. Thank you, Courtney, for inspiring so many to embrace their own definition of beautiful!


This past year, I sat down and painted a really clear picture of the type of work [portraits] I wanted to create for my clients. It wasn't about props or locations, instead, it was to help women of all ages celebrate their own definition of beauty. To celebrate themselves without judgment, criticism, or comparison in a world that pushes perfection daily.

I want to provide every woman who steps in front of my camera with a photographic experience that delivers something greater than "a bunch of pretty pictures". Instead, I want to create a collection of portraits that reflect back to you; your beauty, grace, confidence, and strength.

So, on those hard days when overwhelm sets in, when you don't feel good "enough" or strong "enough" you can look at these portraits and remember you are ENOUGH just as you are!