I wish I could express how much hitting publish on this blog means to me.

I’ve wanted to create content for my fellow creatives for… forever…and I’ll be the first to admit this scared the crap out of me. Why?

Well, I was worried what others would think.

Do I have enough knowledge?


Would Tommy from 6th grade call me out for not knowing enough?

You know all of the excuses, because I’m pretty damn sure you’ve said them to yourself.

Two weeks ago, I felt called to share a post within a private facebook group for VA’s (virtual assistants) that sparked a lot of heart and preach emojis. I called Jen (my 16 Paws business bestie) and said I need to explore Coaching for Creatives, the tug on my heart & soul is to great to let this idea swirl in my mind. She, like any good business bestie, said okay, let’s figure out how to make it work!

In full transparency we still don’t have a clear idea of what this is going to become - I want to create a podcast, vlog, retreat, take the stage, go global and Jen is reminding me to simply be a little bit more realistic and create more than one blog! Thanks business bestie, you’re right!

As Coaching for Creatives continues to grow and evolve, we plan to share content within our facebook community and on our 16 Paws Creative Blog . I’d like to personally invite any creative to join our community - it’s an open invitation to find community, ask the questions you might too scared to ask, and start creating a business that allows you to thrive!

Amanda Kraft