It’s my belief that beauty and strength can co-exist in a world that is often telling women that “muscles aren’t beautiful”, “you shouldn’t get too bulky”, or flat out “you’ll look like a man”. You show me a woman with who has muscles & strength and I’ll show you her beauty.

Any woman who is willing to put herself at the top of her to-do list and work on herself should be applauded in a world that isn’t always in favor of women leaning into the conversation, sitting at the head of the table, or dare I say - deadlift as much as a man.

During my studies to become a certified holistic health coach and personal trainers I discovered the mental strength, discipline, and dedication it takes to transform one’s self; mentally and physically. Transforming means breaking old habits and patterns, learning to love chicken, broccoli, and brown rice, and putting in the work on days when the weight of the world is pressing you into the ground.

Courtney and I have had many conversations about Beauty and Strength so I was beyond thrilled when we collaborated for her photo shoot. From knowing Courtney and following her on social media for several years, I knew one of the highest priorities is working out. Incorporating elements of a weight room/gym environment was key for this photo shoot and I wanted to create personal branding portraits that reflect her as a brand ambassador for HydroJugs & 1stPhorm Supplements.

In the coming weeks, we are planning to create a day-in-life video so you can see how Courtney incorporates chasing a toddler, preparing for obstacle course races, and manages a Pilates studio.


From a personal branding and social media content standpoint, I wanted to create a series of portraits that Courtney could use for cross promotion with the products she is an ambassador for. She can use the portraits and video on her social media, newsletters, blog or website. Just another way to bring your personal brand to life and give people a glimpse into who you are and what you do!