How would I describe Jennie? Well… her hair says it all. She is wild, crazy, and fiercely passionate about living life to the fullest, drinking good coffee, and being a proud momma. I have had the honor and privilege of working with Jennie for the past two and a half years and I know this to be true about her. We joke that we are wonder twins - ACTIVATE POWER! - but it’s the truth, we are quite alike.

When Jennie and I discussed her photo shoot the one thing I told her that I wouldn’t do is photoshop her vitiligo. If you are unfamiliar with vitiligo, it’s a disease that causes your skin to lose its color and pigmentation. And here’s why she and I agreed against any editing of the “spots” - these spots might be part of her story, but she sure as hell won’t let vitiligo define her. Talk about embracing one's own definition of beauty!


As wild and crazy as I know this powerhouse to be, when it came to the morning of her photo shoot, she was a ball of nerves. I could sense these feelings as soon as her Jeep rolled into the parking lot - see twin intuition! Thirty minutes later paired with a good playlist her nerves passed and we began creating incredible portraits.


Why I am so passionate about boudoir/glamour/embrace your own definition of beauty photo shoots is because you might think the photo shoot is a “gift” for someone else - it’s actually the greatest gift you can give yourself. It’s a celebration of WHO YOU ARE, WHO YOU HAVE BECOME, AND WHO YOU ARE CONTINUING TO EVOLVE INTO.

So ladies…let’s throw the idea of this being a “gift” for someone else out the window and do it for yourself. Why… because you deserve to see and celebrate yourself.

Legacy Boxes - Amanda Kraft Photography - Lancaster, PA

Many of my clients tell me that they don’t have space in their home to hang large wall portraits or perhaps some of the portraits aren’t ones you’d like hanging for your mother-in-law to see.


Legacy Boxes are the perfect alternative for keeping your portraits private, yet accessible. Each box is handcrafted and assembled with beautiful fabrics containing individually matted portraits inside. Legacy Boxes can hold up to 25 - matted prints offering plenty of room to add additional prints or keepsakes.

Imagine starting your legacy box as a high school senior; collecting keepsakes and portraits throughout your post high school/college days as you create new memories as you get engaged, walk down the aisle, and begin your family legacy.

Next time you visit the studio be sure to ask to see my Legacy Box so you can see the handcrafted beauty in these boxes.

Is photo shoot planning stressing you out? - Amanda Kraft Photography - Lancaster, PA

Are you planning an upcoming photo shoot, but the planning feels a tad bit overwhelming? Girl… I feel your pain. I’ll obsess about outfits, hairstyling, and makeup for weeks (also know as… spending countless hours on Pinterest). Only to remind myself that wearing all black makes me feel polished, professional, and confident. And, trusting my hair stylist and makeup artist to make me camera ready. See all the worrying was for nothing.

Easier said than done! Yep, I know. That’s why I’ve created a Photo Shoot Planning Guide to help eliminate the overwhelm with checklists, wardrobe suggestions (and examples), and a list of location & prop ideas.


I’ve taken 16+ years of experience of planning engagement photo shoots on the hottest summer day during a heatwave to working with a client who lost all of her luggage at the airport the day before her engagement portraits. Or working with high school seniors who are sometimes afraid to show their true style or selves in their portraits.

Included is a checklist to help remind you of when to schedule hair and nail appointments, how to arrive to your photo shoot, extra things to back and WHAT NOT TO PACK. And please by all means, download your guide, read it over and let me know if I forgot to add something that saved the day and might be helpful to add!

Personal Branding In-Studio Mini Headshot Special

One of my favorite things about my natural light studio is having the opportunity to work with some many local business owners; accountants, financial planners, yoga instructors, bitcoin gurus, graphic designers, fellow creatives, and hair stylists. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
When did you have your headshot taken last? Has it been longer than a year? If so, let's look at our calendars and book a personal branding & headshot photo shoot. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Mini photo shoots including hair & makeup start at $199. ($99. without hair & makeup) to include a 30 to 45-minute mini photo shoot & three digital files.
Call the studio or send me an email( to book a photo shoot.

Meet the Osher Family

I had the honor of photographing Amanda and Matt's wedding 11-years ago and was beyond excited to reconnect with Amanda, Matt, and their beautiful girls during the fall mini photo shoot sessions.

Each of these little ladies had such unique personalities and they certainly kept me on my toes throughout the entire photo shoot. Be sure to watch the video below as a I weaved a bit of video into their photo shoot which is a first for me and something I hope to work with more in 2019.

If you haven't set aside time to update your family portraits, let's connect. I’ve really enjoyed scheduling family mini sessions and creating portraits that will grace the walls of their home!

A Heather & Co - Fall Fashion Photo Shoot - Amanda Kraft Photography, Lititz Pa

Allow me to introduce you to a friend of mine, Autumn - the owner of A Heather & Co a small boutique in Lititz, Pa. We spent a few hours creating her social media content for the fall and into the early part of the holiday season.

If you are a fan of shopping local or looking for pieces to update your closet, A Heather & Co is a perfect place to start.


Find the pants HERE


Fall in love with the jacket HERE

The perfect clutch to go from day to night can be found HERE


Feel cozy & comfortable in this gray tunic


Trade your peacoat for this beautiful plaid coat


If this top doesn’t scream casual Thanksgiving style than I don’t know what does!


Head out to office happy hour in this tulip dress

Does your social media need an update? Trust me, I get it! Being a small business owner myself requires me/us to wear many hats. That’s why I’ve created a way to take the guess work out of your social media content creation and provide you with a stockpile of amazing images that suit your business, brand, products, and personality without having to spend a ton of time or money searching for stock photos.

Give me call, I’d love to chat with to bring your brand to life with custom social media content photography that combines WHO YOU ARE & WHAT YOU DO!

Retro Swimwear Shoot - Glamour & Boudoir Photography, Lancaster, Pa

If you'd spend an hour inside my mind you'd quickly learn that I have 100 tabs open, music is randomly playing, I'm thinking about food and dreaming up my next photo shoot! I kept feeling a spark within my creative soul to create a retro themed portraits.  Pinup photography has never been something I've gravitated too, but I'd be lying if I didn't want to pursue more 50's and 60's inspired photo shoots. 

The original concept for this retro themed photo shoot was to travel to the closest beach, but with the questionable weather (humidity, pop up storms, and flash flooding) it was a safer idea to remain close to home.  

Now, when I say inspiration strikes, at 6am the morning of the photo shoot I woke straight up and remembered my model's grandparents had a pool. I had never been to their pool or location before the photo shoot, but their property turned out to be an EPIC location and checked off every box in terms of location, styling, and lighting!  

Allow me to share my take on Wendy Peffercorn from The Sandlot! 


Have you ever dreamed of a photo shoot but unsure of how to bring it to life?  Send me a message and we can collaborate on bringing your idea to life!  I love nothing more than daydreaming about photo locations, wardrobe styling, and hair & makeup! 


A Girl's Day Out - Tween Style

"You don't have to be pretty like her.  You can be pretty like you." 


Over the weekend the studio was filled with these beautiful little ladies.  They giggled and danced their little hearts out!  I don't think I have giggled this much in a long time. 

I can't wait to see what the Fabulous 5 end up doing in the future,I am pretty sure they will do amazing things and hope that every 5 years they make it a tradition to return to the studio for a group photo shoot!  


Girl's Day Out Photo Shoots are the perfect way  to celebrate the bond you have with your sisters, cousins, or best friends.  We can book out the entire studio for the afternoon and have the ultimate girl's day complete with hair, makeup and wardrobe styling.  After your photo shoot plan to continue the girl's day with dinner and drinks or in this case ----> a trip to Froyo! 

Girl's Day Out Photo Shoots are an amazing birthday party alternative.  We can book out the studio for a few hours, bring in a hairstylist to add a bit of curl or braids to the girls hair and finish the look with a bit of lip gloss.  Each photo shoot is limited to 5 girls and includes 3 photos from the day (a group photo, a photo with the birthday girl, and an individual photo) Use the contact form below to inquire about availability. 






I'm an absolute sucker for a transformation.  To me, there is nothing more incredible than watching another women step into her beauty and owning it.  

Sadly, our society has become one that doesn't accept celebrating our imperfections, instead we feel we can only share "perfection" through a filter and then it's at a risk of us bragging or being cocky.  We can't win can we?! 

Adding hair styling and makeup into every photo shoots wasn't done to make everyone feel perfect - in fact it was done to enhance my clients already incredible features that they might not be playing up or to pull of the inner confidence that has been hiding.  

One of our very first before and after photo shoots was with Courtney, a women who incredibly stunning and an exceptional hairstylist who spends her days making everyone else feel glamorous.  It was only fitting to extend a photo shoot and provide her with the same treatment she provides her clients.