Friends, I'd love to personally invite you to venture over to my sister site, PhotoGirl Gets Healthy. PhotoGirl Gets Healthy (PGGH) was born in the middle of a pandemic and in some of my darkest days. I've shared about my personal health journey a handful of times and go far more in depth on PGGH.

You might asking how these two sites go together when in reality they couldn't be anymore different in content. Well, I believe that business success can be a struggle without optimal health. In fact, a number of years ago, I actually went back to school to become a Holistic Health Coach + Personal Trainer. And, for those of you have been here since the beginning you know that I have a deep love for food and food photography.

Making PGGH the ultimate platform for me to share this other side of me that I am just as incredibly passionate about.

I began to reflect on the 2019 holiday season and how vastly different it is to 2020. We weren't living with suggested travel restrictions, sitting in heavy traffic around shopping complexes, and working on a timeline to ensure that we were able to see all of our loved ones in a span of a few hours.

In the midst of the holiday season last year, I began to feel "off" and it wasn't until mid-January that I really started to become concerned of my symptoms and sought medical help. Which led me on the wildest adventure yet. In hopes of not having a health repeat this year, I decided to host a Fit + Festive Holiday Challenge on my PGGH site and would love for you to join.

This daily challenge begins (today/tomorrow) and will run until New Years Eve and giving you a head start on your health + wellness for 2021.


Refusing the repeat last's years holiday season, I decided to create a Fit + Festive Health Challenge as a way to celebrate the holiday season in a healthier manner and get a head start on my 2021 heath goals.

I'd love for you to join me every day from now until the end of 2021. I'll be sharing daily tips with action steps that you can seamlessly add to your daily routine, plus combat any holiday blues you might be experiencing this year.

All of the fun will be happening here: