August 28, 2020

AKP x Susquehanna Style | Harbor House Crabs

AKP x Susquehanna Style

AKP x Susquehanna Style | Harbor House Crabs

We were back on location at Harbor House Crabs a few weeks ago with Susquehanna Style. Harbor House Crabs offers Steamed To Order Maryland Blue Crabs, the most amazing house made crab cakes, king and snow crab legs, and lobster tails. We were given the grand tour of their new location 1752 Highland Street, Harrisburg Pa- off Eisenhower Blvd near Harrisburg, Pa. This new location gives locals the ability to stop in for carryout and provides plenty of space to keep up with their mail order business.

FUN FACT: In a given week, orders may be shipped to all 50 States with daily orders going to California, Florida, and New York.

During our tour and photo shoot, I learned about the daily shipments of crabs arriving from the Maryland Eastern shores, going through the sorting process for size, loading into the steamers, and finally being prepared for shipping. Owners, Jessica and Curt, graciously sent us home with a care package of soft shell crabs and the MOST amazing crab cakes I’ve ever had. If you missed out on your summer vacation to the beach, Harbor House Crabs can handle your crab cake and soft shell crab cravings!

I also want to mention that this is Harbor House Crabs 20th Anniversary year! A business that started out as a hobby has become so much more! Congratulations to Curt, Jessica, and the entire team at Harbor House Crabs!