January 15, 2021

AKP x Susquehanna Style | Honey Bee Friendly

AKP x Susquehanna Style

Honey Bee Friendly

This editorial photoshoot for Susquehanna Style was definitely a "take one for the team" assignment. Greg is a first-generation beekeeper who offered me to get up close and personal with his hives. After being outfitted with a veil of my own and a few deep breaths I joined Greg for an up-close and personal lesson on his hives and bees. I'll admit, at first stepping near his hives I wasn't sure what to expect. Initially, my expectation was to see swarms of bees and loud humming or buzzing sounds, it was quite the opposite, the experience was calm and fascinating!

Greg and his wife, Tara offer handmade products in addition to honey such as salves, lip balms, and lotions. I've included a link to the full article and Greg and Tara's website at the bottom of this post.

Honey Bee Friendly

717.668.4341 | honeybeefriendly.com 

Photoshoot originally completed June 2020