2020 has been one for the record books and a year that has potentially reshaped us as a society for years to come. This year hasn't come without challenges as we learn how to navigate everyday tasks differently, communicate too and with each other, finding more comfort at home, and inviting new hobbies and passions into our lives. It is incredibly easy to look at the heartache of this year and consider it a wash, but I think there has been more good to come from this year than bad.

Personally, health challenges sidelined me before Covid when a mysterious string of unknown health concerns presented themselves in late December, intensified in January, and remained present throughout the year. Multiple video calls trips to specialists, and several visits to the health campus for CT Scans and MRI's the root cause of my vestibular flares is unknown.

During the height of lockdowns and uncertainty, I can't help but feel as if I have been given extra time to heal holistically. Trading screen time for resting. Finding peace within an empty schedule. Build a holistic team to guide me as I transitioned into morning meditations, journaling, yoga, and becoming fully plant-based gluten-free. (The extra downtime also paved a way for me to create Photo Girl Gets Healthy - a website sharing more about my health & wellness journey)

Of course, I might be romanticizing 2020, but I've been cracked open to see life so differently. Professionally speaking, this year, has allowed me to disconnect to reconnect. As I write this blog entry, I am disconnected from social media completely.

No Facebook personally or professionally.

No LinkedIn.

No Instagram.

The positivity, space, and freedom from being over-connected are incredibly freeing. I am enrolling in courses and programs that I am engaging in rather than signing up and never completing. The relationships with my clients are changing (for the better) and I am collaborating on projects that still feel like a dream at times. All of which might never have been birthed if 2020 hadn't gone the way it has.

My only hope is to look back on this entry 20-years from now and continue to have the immense appreciation for the lessons learned, conversations had the deeper understanding gained for health & wellness, and stronger client relationships forged.