March 11, 2020

Headshots for College Grads

Branding + Headshots


Originally Written: March 11, 2020

With graduation only a few weeks away you have a lot on your plate - packing for spring break, studying for finals, tweaking your resume for the 10th time this morning, meeting with potential employers, and trying to figure out your next step in life.

Your current career path might not scream I NEED A HEADSHOT, but your LinkedIn profile, resume, email auto-responders, blog, and website does.

You’ve heard it countless times from professors, your mom, and any online guru that your potential employer or first client doesn’t want to see your selfies from parties or vacation as your profile photo. And don’t think that you aren’t to the level of being googled yet, everyone is googled!

Step into this new chapter of your life with a series of professional headshots that show the world that you are ready. At this step, you need 3 to 5 really strong headshots that you can use when your dream job asks for a headshot to share in their new hire announcements, feature on their website, and social media.

Below is a series of headshots created for one of my former interns, Emily. Emily studied abroad in Australia and luckily found her dream job and hasn’t left! When she came back to the States for a quick visit she set up a shoot with me to update all of her profile photos on her social media accounts, LinkedIn, to submit to her college for a feature article, and to update her current headshot on the company website she works for.

And another bonus to updating your headshot is to gifting a portrait to mom and grandma. When you land your dream job in another state or country, they will have a beautiful portrait on their desk or wall to look at when they think of you.