September 12, 2020

Karen and Todd | Destination Couples Portrait Photo Shoot

Couples Portraits

I’ve photographed a lot of couples throughout my photography career and I am not sure I have ever seen two people so incredibly unapologetic in their love for each other. Karen and I have worked together before in a professional capacity when I helped update her personal branding photography, but have hadn’t had a chance to meet Todd beyond a brief hello.

When Karen approached me about joining her and Todd in Ormond Beach, Florida I was all-in without much hesitation. What many might not know about these two is that their dedication to health & wellness is something that most people can only dream about. Health and wellness has become a foundation for each of them individually, but as a couple as well. The purpose of their trip was to compete in a fitness competition and the best day for portraits would be the day after the competition when you are the leanest. (in case you have no idea about fitness competitions.)

I flew out the Friday of their competition weekend and returned Monday - it was a fast-paced weekend filled with a lot of fun, a few hours on the beach, and yummy nachos that I’m still thinking about!

I managed to take a few photos from the window seat as we approached the Daytona airport at sunset and the sky was simply amazing! I’m not sure if the sunset is always this amazing or if it was extra beautiful due to the passing hurricane.

I won’t be sharing any content from the day of their competition, but if you’ve ever had a friend who has competing or you are thinking of competing - attend a competition - it was one of the most inspiring events I’ve been too and some of the competitors had amazing stories that would make you cry - if you read my last post about strength and beauty - you know I have a soft spot for videos about athletes!

Okay, enough about the backstory! Let’s get into the photos!

Before chasing the sunset and playing in the warm Florida waters we created a makeshift studio in their hotel room - the lighting was beyond fantastic and the air conditioning unit doubled as a posing block. The moment the photograph appeared on the back of my screen I had to catch my breath!

Originally Photographed September 2019

You can’t possibly travel the entire way to Florida and not take beach portraits, well, at least I can’t. We chased the sun, splashed in the warm water, and brought a bit of sand back with us. During the beach portraits I began to see how deeply and unapologetically in love these two are. From a photographer standpoint, you can put a client or couple in beautiful light, amazing pieces of wardrobe, but if there isn’t a spark the portraits sometimes don’t translate. Not with these two - All I had to do with just a few bits and pieces of direction and they ran with it. Every expression and interaction flowed effortlessly and you could feel the deep respect and love that they have for each other.

When you travel with a client, you get to know them and these two are the real deal. I could keep gushing about these two for days, but what I love about them - is what you see if what you get and there is nothing more real or authentic than that!