January 23, 2021

Personal Branding for Erica Colon Makeup Artistry

Branding + Headshots

Personal Branding + Stock Photography for Erica Colon Makeup Artistry

I'm a firm believer that your brand should be you through and through, especially in a personal brand. A personal brand is just that, personal and a potential client should see a reflection of you in your branding, services, and work.

Small business owners are incorporating their personality, style, interest, likes (and dislikes) into their brand messaging which attracts their ideal customers to them and (in a positive way) repeals the clients who aren't for them.

Prior to any branding photoshoot, I spend a handful of hours researching the client, their existing website, services, products, etc to have a clear understanding of:

  • WHO my client is
  • WHAT they do
  • WHERE they want to go
  • WHO they want t work with.

If a small business owner or brand is having trouble verbalizing the answers to those questions, it might be time to do a little inner work before investing in personal branding and/or stock photography photoshoot. Why is this information vital? Simply, put if your brand messaging doesn't align in the photographs it won't align with your clients.

Let's use Erica as a case study. Her brand is about clean, classic, beautiful makeup that enhances the client's existing features with a tiny bit of drama or a pop of color. Pink happens to be her signature color so we decided to work with two looks, the first in the pink top and the second, a darker fashion-forward look with the pop of pink from her lip color. Keeping props and accessories simply we incorporated a makeup chair Erica takes on location and the tools she uses every day in her business.

It would not have made sense for Erica to wear floral prints or a boho style because that isn't her brand. It's not good, nor bad, it is simply not her. The "mood" would have felt forced, off-brand, and out of alignment.

How many times have you personally fallen in love with a style on Pinterest, made the exact or similar purchase only to come home put the outfit on and not "feel it". Trust me, it's not the outfit, it simply because it isn't you.

Branding should be 1000% YOU!

Personalized Stock Photography

Erica and I began discussing how the use of "stock" photography could enhance her website, newsletters, blog, and social media. She no longer has to spend countless hours searching for the "right" photographs to match her brand. Instead, she can open a folder on her computer or phone - add copy and voilà she is ready to post!

Again, taking into consideration the look of her branding, the messaging, and client base we used the products and tools she personally uses. Not the ones that would photograph pretty for the sake of the photo. If it wasn't authentic to her and her brand there was no point to include it.

Ways to bring your brand to life through photography

There will never be one photoshoot that covers the entire span of your business - simply because, your business and brand will evolve over the years. And, that's a good thing! How your brand starts and where it evolves is really an incredible adventure.

Many of my clients first start with a headshot refresh to update their website and social media. During their photoshoot we start the design process of the next photoshoot to focus on product or stock photography. Typically, my clients opt for quarterly photoshoots scheduled to coincide with seasonal trends, program or product launches, and update their team photographs. This is a great way to have a library of content to pull from and not having to rely on staff, clients, or a few hours of your schedule to create photographs with your camera phone.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless on how you choose to share your brand with the world!