May 5, 2021

PhotoGirlGetsHealthy x Amanda Kraft Photography x Chef - Angie Gross


In my "retirement" post from a few days ago, I referenced that something new was coming. And, while I am not ready to fully reveal all that is in the works. I am excited to share a personal project that I've been dreaming about since graduating from AIFL 20-years ago.

Food and fashion photography piqued my interest straight away in college and thankfully, we had access to students who were attending the culinary school across that street which made collaborations easy.

After college and transitioning into weddings, portraits, and high school senior work - I'd promise myself that I'd use my "downtime" to build my food photography portfolio. The downtime between the off and on the season of weddings never really existed and this passion project nagged at me constantly.

I would dabble here and there when creating a new recipe for my health coaching business ( or when on assignment for SQS. Though I never really pushed myself to collaborate with a chef even though an amazing chef is in our family. During the Covid lockdowns - I could be found on Mondays assisting with Meals on Wheels in Columbia, Pa with my cousin Angie. She might be one of the best chefs I have ever known. Her recipes are fun, flavorful, comforting, yet not comfort food at all. It's gourmet and then some. We tossed around the idea of mixing two worlds - my plant-based eating and her.... "regular" cooking.

Yesterday, our two culinary worlds collided, and we began the first shoot of this amazing Cinco de Mayo menu collaboration. We might have gotten a little carried away with street corn, three versions of street tacos: shrimp, beef, and sweet potato, black bean, & cauliflower, and a spicy, rich & creamy black bean soup.

Our inspiration stems from wanting to help families and households bring various eating styles together with simple and affordable swaps. Maybe you have a teenager who declaring she is now a vegetarian or your cousin is trying keto - we understand how much of a headache it can be to plan one meal let alone support those dietary and lifestyle choices.  Our goal is simple - select a foodie theme and create recipes that will make everyone happy and ensures that no one leaves hungry. 

As we develop our recipes, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at

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