September 6, 2020

Roadside Stops | Congress Bridge Bats, ATX

Window Seat Series, Roadside Stops

In 2008, Patrick & I ventured to Austin for a photography event that only happened to last 3 hours, but we made one heck of a roadtrip out of it. We discovered our love for The Salt Lick - which might be the best dang BBQ I've ever had (pre-plant based living). We fell in love with east coast city feel paired with a west coast attitude. Visited the original Whole Foods which is more like a theme park for foodies and I ordered a hamburger off the menu at Doc's for the first time ever.

Austin became the city we couldn't stop thinking about or day dreaming of how to relocate our lives to this part of the country. Six trips, multiple visits with custom home builders, weekly chats with a relator, and lots of pro and cons lists made we decided to remain in Central Pennsylvania.

There isn't a month that goes by that we don't reference the move that never happened and if we should have pushed the chips to the center of the table and gone all in. Someday, Austin or Texas will be home for us even if it's for a month or two stay in as we venture through the US in an RV or 5th Wheel.

Until then, overnighted BBQ will have to do.