May 7, 2020

The Archive | Nevis | July 7, 2007

The Archive

Liz & Timmy were married on the highly popular 7/7/07 in Nevis at the Nisbet Plantation - it’s an incredible resort near St. Kitts which many people are more familiar with. Nevis is a very small island and within an hour or so you can tour the entire country.

One of the perks for my couples is that I am in it for the long haul when photographing a destination wedding- meaning, I’ll include photography coverage almost the moment we arrive until the final moments of the trip. Day After Sessions is a MUST, as there simply isn’t enough time to explore and fit in all of the beautiful locations.

While at the resort someone had told me there was an abandoned sugar cane plantation and factory that wasn’t far from the resort. Thankfully, we had the coolest taxi driver who showed us all that the island had to offer plus took us to this exact spot. All we had to go on was a hunch that this location would be cool, I didn’t know it would be hands down amazing!

A thorn-covered field with a barbwire face was the only thing standing in our way to make this photograph come to life.

I hope you enjoyed the backstory as to how this photograph became one of my and Liz & Timmy’s favorites!