November 16, 2020

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Studio Stories

20 Years in the Making

I still pinch myself that this isn't a dream.

Twenty years ago, I left the comforts of Central Pennsylvania and moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in a red 1992 Soft Top Jeep Wrangler. This two and a half day drive would be the first of many adventures in a career that has given me more than I could ever imagine.

At the age of 18, I began my studies to become a professional photographer with the initial hopes of becoming a fashion photographer in NYC - a dream inspired by the work of famed photographer Sante D'Orazio. By the age of 20, my business was legally born and the journey while bumpy at times is one that I still forget at times is real.

Sadly, NYC, was never in the cards for me as a working photographer - a few trips to photography conventions, girl weekends, and assisting a wedding or two would be the closed I'd get to meeting my earlier photography dreams.

Celebrating 20 years in business or even holding onto a childhood dreams is a victory of its own. I'll be the first to admit I am a dreamer (a really lofty, big picture dreamer) and my imagination can take me in many directions yet once theme runs through it with a camera.

As I began this website and logo overhaul birthed during Covid, I wanted to revisit a twenty year career. Reliving the incredible stories that I hope to continue telling, finding appreciation for the tough lessons learned, and coming to terms with business and creative mistakes made along the way.

All of which have helped to share this career. If you haven't read my post on "How Covid Changed Me", please give it a quick read as it might give a bit of insight on how I plan to move forward in 2021 and beyond.