September 19, 2019

Window Seat Stories

Window Seat Series


One of the most incredible blessings this career or “job” has provided has been the ability to travel. First, being asked to create a portrait of anyone is an honor and a request that I don’t take likely. My mission has always been and always will be to take a beautiful portrait of whomever is in front of my lens to capture this moment for all time. Being asked to travel with my client takes that honor to an entirely new level.

Last Friday, I hopped on a plane and headed to Daytona / Ormond Beach to support my clients as they competed in a bikini and men’s physique competition. Over the next few weeks I will be editing the video content and photographs that we created, but until then, here is a collection of Window Seat Photographs that I created as we approached the airport. The clouds were particularly beautiful thanks to Hurricane Dorian.