Hello Busy Creative! I’m Amanda - a former work-a-holic who got lost in her business. At the peak of my business success, I was at the lowest point in my personal life. My waist line increased, my relationships suffered, and I hid my personal unhappiness. It took two massive moments of hitting rock bottom for me to realize that something needed to change. For me, I tackled my health and wellness first to lose 60+ pounds, realign my business to suit my personal needs, and even went back to school to become a holistic health coach & personal trainer. Now, I am back at the helm of running AKP and sharing 17 years of business success and failures with the launch of Stop Editing, Start Living - Coaching for Creatives.

My mission is to help fellow creatives stop editing and start living - to create a business that can support your creative dreams while helping you be fulfilled mentally, emotionally, energetically, and physically.