Creative Services for Health & Wellness Coaches

Are you a health and wellness coach struggling to bring your brand to life?

Are you overwhelmed with creating social media campaigns, creating newsletter auto-responders and photographing your recipes?

I have a solution for you!  

We've become a society that is highly motivated by what we see; on tv, in an ad, pinterest, and of course instagram.  All of the behind the scenes work is overwhelming when running a business and especially a wellness business that requires you to be launching various programs, hosting webinars, sending newsletters, posting to social media, and creating wellness retreats in order to generate new clients.

As a new or even an experienced coach the online world is ever changing and how a business is presented online matters more now than ever before. But, spending all day designing a newsletter or prepping slides for a webinar takes away from you doing what you ultimately desire to be doing - coaching!

If your head is spinning and you feel like you can't seem to keep up, we should chat!  Aside from running my photography and coaching business I love to help fellow coaches bring their business vision to life through photography and design. 

Below, I've included a handful of creative services that I can help health & wellness coaches with to eliminate overwhelm so they can spend more time to doing what they love... COACHING!




As a health and wellness coach you want to stand out from the sea of coaches and what a better way to do that with beautifully styled food and lifestyle photography to support your blog posts, newsletters, and programs.  -----> LEARN MORE



Our food choices are often based on a photograph and there is nothing better than having recipes than not only look good, but taste good too!  Together, we will work on bringing your recipes to life through photography.  -----> LEARN MORE



As busy coach, you don't have all day to spend creating social media tiles with photos and quotes.  We'll take care of that for you with several options to choose from to include pre-made designs and also an option for creating custom tiles.  -----> LEARN MORE 



Take your brand to the next level with custom designed e-books and workbooks.

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Nothing trumps pen and paper food and fitness journaling.  It's the cornerstone to helping your clients make incredible strides between calls - why not take your coaching one step further with a branded food/fitness journal.  -------> LEARN MORE




Of course selfies are great for in the moment, but when it comes to putting your best self forward and showing what you do, a photoshoot tailored to exactly your personality, skill set, and business is key to let your stand out from the rest! 

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