Facing fear and doing it anyway

The idea of creating a resource for fellow creatives is something that has been tugging at my heart strings for months. Truth be told, I attempted to create a mini community previously, but let fear paired with impostor syndrome set in and shut down the idea before even starting.

While in Savannah last week for a major editorial photo shoot with a former high school senior client who is studying at SCAD I felt called to take action surrounding this idea. After chatting with my client and several other students I could see gaps especially on the business and operational side of being a creative business owner. So, I decided to face my fear and hit publish.

My backstory is that I’ve been a self employed creative business owner since 2003 and had incredible amounts of success based on what I consider my OWN level of success. I’ve traveled to places I’ve never thought I’d go, worked with people who have profoundly changed my life, been published in magazines, and have had the opportunity to work closely with my father, all while being in drivers seat of my own destiny. Sounds insanely glamorous? Well, it hasn’t as glamorous as it seems.

There have been many times I’ve questioned why I do this and have cried myself to sleep on a number of occasions, made costly financial mistakes, experienced incredible highs only to come crashing down right after, and even I’ve walked away from the industry only to return. And, after all of that, I am still 100% in love with this industry.

My goal or mission with this portion of my website is to share what I’ve learned, breakdown and share my failures, and show the whole picture of what it’s like to work and live as a creative.

To start, I’ll sharing a new topic every week right here on the blog - and would love to make this blog interactive by exploring and answering your questions. I remember being a newbie photographer and feeling like a very tiny fish in a very large pond within the photo community - in fact, I still feel that way and hope that this little blog/community helps you feel a little less alone.