Your first version should never be perfect.

Maybe you’ve heard this before… if your first version is perfect, you’ve waited too long?

When I first heard this I was a bit confused and then I realized I am perfectionist. In my mind, I’ve always wanted to deliver what I considered perfection at whichever stage I was/am in my business and this often held me back, kept me playing small, or playing catchup.

Let me share a story about the time I pitched an idea to speaking at a photography retreat. I wanted to share my second passion - health and wellness with my fellow photography community so I pitched a presentation that had been in my mind, Stop Editing Start Living. After cutting it close with the deadline, I submitted a rough outline of what I wanted to share and a few weeks later received an email stating that they would love to have me come speak.


Fear set in and I worked on this presentation for months and when the weekend arrived of the retreat all of the feelings set in; impostor syndrome, not being good enough, fear, and who was I to speak flooded my mind. I spoke to fast, rushed the material, neglected to share lot of key points, and wasn’t in love with my presentation.

What I should have prepared myself for… was delivering the best version of my presentation as I could for the first time and understand that this version would be messy at best. I had a pit in my stomach for the rest of my time at the event because I felt like such a failure. It wasn’t until years later that I saw the quote: “If your first version is perfect, you waited too long.”

My advice is to make mistakes as you go by creating concept photo shoots or personal projects that allow you to explore & play around with new techniques. I’ve found that the more concept photo shoots I dream, plan, and create gives me more calmness and a blueprint for having greater success during my paid client photo shoots.