Business Ownership Isn't Always Glamorous

One of the biggest misconceptions about business owners is that life is glamorous.  It's not. Being a business owner requires tough skin, a relentless work ethic, serious mindset and personal development work mixed with a lot of patience.

If for one second you think jumping ship from your 9 to 5 into being your own boss is popping bottles, private jets, and rubbing elbows with the who's who - think again.

The life of a business owner might appear to be glamorous, but the days can be long, lonely and a never-ending emotional & mental roller coaster.  That's the vast majority of days aren't glamorous - however, social media can paint a different picture showing a highlight reel instead of the real-time messy parts.

Personally, I'm in the middle of two massive business launches; the relaunch of AKP and the official launch of Coaching for Creatives (this website).  My days are spent rebuilding my photography business to fuel my creative soul while pouring my heart into Coaching for Creatives because I feel called by something greater to share the messy behind-the-scenes truths of what it takes to blend being in business for yourself and taking care of yourself as a business owner.

Truth be told, this shit is messy and if you read my daily journal you'd see the daily struggle. So why am I sharing this?  Because when I started out in the photography industry in 2003 - I was blinded by the idea of setting my own schedule, jet-setting around the world and rubbing elbows with the who's who.  The reality was excessive weight gain (60 pounds to be exact), an almost broken marriage, no self-care to speak of, and no private jets or popping bottles.

I spent countless hours learning to build my own websites, editing photos, traveling 4+ hours to photograph engagement photos in the middle of a heatwave for as a complimentary service, I’ve started wedding day photography coverage at the crack of down when the first bobby pin went in the hair and until the final song played at the reception.

No college class or Creative Live can prepare you for what it takes to be in business for yourself.  You are going to make mistakes, miss deadlines, let people down, let yourself down, fall off the healthy eating wagon, and experience several sleepless nights in a row.  Mixed with the non-glamourous will be the days you are featured in a magazine or blog article, are asked to speak at a workshop or convention, hit 1k on Instagram, or actually shower before 3pm.

Just know that you aren't alone in the journey - any creative who has started their own business has felt the ups and downs you might be experiencing or will experience in the future.