We spend hours researching, building and drafting our programs - yet it all comes down to design and delivery.  Creating a visually pleasing e-book / workbook will help you share your message and allow your reader to stay engaged.  Because, who wants to read a lot of text!  We scan documents all throughout our day and the documents that we refer back to are often the ones that are visually pleasing.  Don't let your message get lost in the shuffle - let's make it one to remember!  

All e-books, workbooks, and fitness / food journals are custom quotes depending on the needs of the project.


E-Book / Workbook Design 

Together, we will design an e-book/workbook that truly brings your message to life.  Why not take your program to the next level with a custom designed e-book and/or workbook that keeps your client engaged!  Together, we will discuss the look, feel, and design that you are wishing to achieve - incorporate your personality and branding throughout the design while making sure your message isn't lost in the design.  We'll discuss delivery of the program in the form of an electronic copy or the possibility of turning your program into a magazine! 



One of the key components I found to be a success in my own coaching business was providing my clients were weekly worksheets (a.k.a. Adult homework). 

Together, we will discuss what type of homework you'll be giving out, the method of delivery, and how these worksheets fit your brand. 


Food/Fitness Journals 

This product was a dream of mine over 5 years ago and it has finally come to life.  A 12-week food and fitness journal with journaling prompts, space for clients to log their meals, workouts, and water intake.  

Together, we will discuss color palette, journaling prompts, overall layout, and printing.