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Show the world who you are & what you do with personal branding photography

& social media content creation

Photography (and video) have become incredibly powerful tools for marketing a business online. Each day we view hundreds of pieces of visual content - some of it good and some of bad (in both photography quality and overall content). How a business presents itself visually is more important now than ever.

With the help of Google, I quickly learned that we can spend up to 11 hours each day consuming social media. That’s a HUGE part of our day. As a small business and/or solo-prenuer it can tough to complete daily operating tasks let alone remembering to create consistent social media content.

Creating social media content and upping the visual game of personal branding is something that I am incredibly passionate about. Why, because if we aren’t showcasing WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE DO/CREATE in a visual way, we are more likely to become overlooked and go unheard online.

Imagine creating or launching a new product or service without any cohesive and brand focused visual content. Would your launch have the same impact if you used your phone to create the content? Perhaps, but imagine working with a photographer who can create a visual story by mixing bits & pieces of personal branding, lifestyle, and product photography that is unique to YOU & YOUR BRAND!

Imagine sitting down at your computer one afternoon with access to a stockpile of photographs that not only represent your brand, but tell a story of


Let me answer that for you… it’s priceless. Scroll down to learn more!

Personal Branding Headshots, Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot, and Product Photography for jewelry designer Macy Preis

Personal Branding Photography for Lancaster, Pa Business Owners


How personal branding portraits and social media content photo shoots come to life:

  • First things first, let’s schedule a consultation to make sure that I’m the right photographer for you and your the right client for me. I’m a firm believer that there is a right combination for every photographer and business owner.

  • During our consultation we will discuss what your overall goals are for the photographs, what role the photographs are to plan in upcoming product or service launches, the medium you plan to use the photos on, and any other special details I should be aware of.

  • You’ll complete a questionnaire that helps us plan and design your photo shoot to maximize our time together. I also suggest that clients take time to create a Pinterest board with imagery that they are drawn to so we can be completely on the same page when it comes to designing your photo shoot.

  • Following your photo shoot post-production begins and in about 3 weeks of your photo shoot date a password protected online gallery will be released to you along with copyright and usage releases.

  • If the design process overwhelms you, we can discuss working with you through 16 Paws Creative (a virtual assisting & creative assistant agency that I co-founded to help small business owners)


The Personal Branding Photo Shoot Experience:

The goal of your personal branding photo shoot is to supply you with custom,

dynamic eye-catching images to support your website, social media feeds and everything in between including:

Choose to start by updating your & your teams portraits / headshots, focusing on creating social media content, or a combination of the two.

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